EdilGo is a project that comes to life in 2016, when Carlo and Pietro are fellow students and roommates in London. Carlo decides to apply the most recent technological innovations to construction, a sector which he knows very well, thanks to his experience in the family business. Together, the two decide to found the company.

The Problem

Different studies on the difficulties of italian construction companies in trying to maximise profits, allowed us to understand that the least efficient process is the procurement phase which accounts for about 60% of the total cost of a project.

The Solution

L’utilizzo della rete per gestire il processo di approvvigionamento ha portato grandi risultati ad aziende in vari settori. Replicare questo sistema in un settore complesso e variabile come l’edilizia é stata una sfida, ma siamo riusciti a creare una soluzione incredibilmente efficace. EdilGo è un software che permette di richiedere e comparare decine di richieste d’offerta da fornitori su tutto il territorio. La comparazione di piú offerte, permette alle imprese di scegliere sempre la fornitura piú conveniente, risparmiando decine di migliaia di euro su un progetto e, soprattutto, senza mai rinunciare alla qualitá.

The Software

EdilGo is a cloud software open to all construction companies, professionals and suppliers. EdilGo uses the latest advances in machine learning and AI to simplify the life of these profiles, making it the most innovative way to increase profits and save time.


Carlo Andrea


Graduated in London in Business & Management, Carlo is responsible for tightening strategic partnerships and coordinating the team to achieve the company’s growth objectives.

Pietro Galvan


Graduated in London in Business Management with Marketing, Pietro founded a communication agency. He is now in charge of the promotion of the platform on various sales channels.

Guidalberto Bonora


Thanks to the experience gained in the family business, Guidalberto deals with financial management, budgeting and accounting.

Gilberto Moreno


Graduated in Mechatronic Engineering, Gilberto has developed the platform and guarantees its correct functioning and development. He coordinates the team of developers and manages all the technical aspects that make EdilGo so innovative.

Roberto Bonnetti


Graduated in Building Engineering, Roberto works in a construction company and is an insider in the building industry. He allows Edilgo to innovate its product so that it is suitable for the needs of the end customer.


EdilGo is currently in the BETA phase. Every day we collect feedback from our users to improve the service in order to launch a flawless platform.

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